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We invite you to enroll in our "JavaScript" course, which will help you acquire the essential knowledge and skills in web programming.

After completion of this course, you will have a solid foundation in JavaScript programming, opening up various career opportunities such as:


▶︎ Front-End Developer: You can work as a front-end developer, creating interactive and attractive websites.


▶︎ Web Designer: As a web designer, you will be fully capable of creating impressive interactions.


▶︎ Web Applications: You will be able to develop web applications, which can be useful in various industries.


▶︎ Freelancer: You can work as a freelancer and undertake web projects for clients independently.


▶︎ Skill Enhancement: This course will greatly enhance your programming skills and enable you to acquire more advanced abilities.

Where can you work after completing the course?

Module 3:


Functions in JavaScript:


- Creating and invoking functions.


- Scope of variables in functions.


- Anonymous functions and function expressions.

Module 2:


JavaScript Syntax:


- Variables and data types in JavaScript.


- Operators and conditional statements.


- Loops and iterations.

Module 6:


Asynchronicity and AJAX:


-  Asynchronous operations in JavaScript.


- Communicating with the server using AJAX.

Module 5:


Manipulating HTML Documents:


- Retrieving and modifying HTML elements.


- Event handling.


- Form validation.

Module 9:


Practical Project:


- Creating simple interactive elements on a webpage.


- Troubleshooting and debugging.

Module 8:


Error Handling and Debugging:


- Handling exceptions and errors.


- Using developer tools for code debugging.

Module 7:


JavaScript Libraries:


- Introduction to popular JavaScript libraries like jQuery.

Module 4:


Objects and Arrays:


- Working with objects.


- Array operations.


- Iterating through objects and arrays.

Module 1:


Introduction to JavaScript:


- What is JavaScript?


- Basic uses of JavaScript.


- Tools for writing and testing JavaScript code.


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The "JavaScript Basics" course has been created for individuals who want to start their journey in JavaScript programming.


This course is suitable for:


Beginners in programming: Individuals who have no prior programming experience but want to learn the basics of creating dynamic websites.


Front-end web developers: Web developers who want to expand their skills to include JavaScript.\


Web designers: Website designers who want to be more self-reliant in creating interactive elements for their projects.


Those interested in web application development: Individuals planning to develop web applications and need foundational knowledge in JavaScript.