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We invite you to enroll in our "IT Product Manager" course,

which will help you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills

in the field of effective management of IT products.

After completion of this course, you will be ready to work in various areas and companies, including:


▶︎ Technology Companies: As an IT Product Manager, you can work in IT companies, creating and managing software products, mobile applications, and technological tools.


▶︎ Startups: IT Product Managers can contribute to innovative startups, managing the development of products from start to finish.


▶︎ Corporations: Large corporations and technology firms offer numerous job opportunities for IT Product Managers who oversee product portfolios.


▶︎ Interactive Agencies: Advertising and interactive agencies hire IT Product Managers to manage projects for clients.


▶︎ Consulting: There is also the possibility of working as an IT product management consultant, advising companies on product strategy.

Where can you work after completing the course?

Module 3:


Product design and planning:


- Creating MVP (Minimum Viable Product).


- Managing product projects.


- Resource planning and allocation.

Module 2:


Developing product strategy:


- Market research and competitive analysis.


- Defining product objectives.


- Creating product strategy and roadmaps.

Module 6:


Product deployment:


- Planning and launching the product in the market.





Module 5:


Creating and testing prototypes:


- User interface design.


- Testing prototypes and gathering user feedback.


- Improving the product.

Module 9:


Managing the product throughout its lifecycle:


- Measuring success and data analysis.


- Product updates and its development.


End of product life.

Module 8:


Marketing and product promotion:


- Creating a marketing strategy.


- Advertising campaigns and product promotion.


- Acquiring customers and expanding the user base.

Module 7:


Monitoring the product:


- Analysis and evaluation of product performance.


- Updates and product development.

Module 4:


Leading the product team:


- Building and managing the product team.


- Motivating and supporting team members.


- Internal communication within the company.

Module 1:


Introduction to product management:


- The role and significance of a Product Manager in a company.


- Product lifecycle and its stages.


- Skills and competencies of a Product Manager.


Who is this course for?

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The "Product Manager IT" course is intended for individuals aspiring to the role of Product Manager in the field of information technology.


This course is suitable for:


⟩ Individuals interested in a career in product management: Individuals who want to start or advance their career as a Product Manager in the IT industry.


⟩ IT professionals: IT specialists, programmers, designers, testers, who want to transition to the role of Product Manager and manage the product lifecycle.


⟩ Entrepreneurs and startup owners: Individuals planning to start their own startup or managing existing technology projects.