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We invite you to enroll in our "Python Developer" course, which will help you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in programming.

After completing this course, you will be ready to work in various sectors and workplaces, including:


▶︎ Web Development: Opportunity to work as a back-end developer using Python to create web application servers.


▶︎ Data Science: Opportunity to work as a data analyst or data scientist, using Python libraries for data analysis.


▶︎ Automation and Scripts: Creating scripts and tools for automating tasks in IT system administration.


▶︎ Desktop Application Development: Programming desktop applications using frameworks like Tkinter.


▶︎ Freelancing: The possibility of working as a freelancer, completing programming projects for clients.


▶︎ Game Development: Creating games using Python libraries and frameworks.

Where can you work after completing the course?



Basics of Python programming:


- Conditional statements.


- Loops: for, while.


- Functions and their definition.

Module 2:


Variables and data types in Python:


- Creating and using variables.


- Fundamental data types.


- Lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets.

Module 6:


Python modules and libraries:


- Importing and using modules.


- Working with popular libraries like NumPy, pandas, matplotlib.

Module 5:


File handling:


- Reading and writing to text files.


- File and directory operations.

Module 9:


Testing and debugging:


- Unit testing and code debugging.


- Using testing tools.


- Creating your own application or script using acquired skills.

Module 8:


Creating Python applications:


- Designing and building simple Python applications.


- User interaction.

Module 7:


Object-oriented programming in Python:


- Object-oriented programming concepts.


- Creating classes and objects.


- Inheritance and polymorphism.

Module 4:


Exception handling:


- Error and exception handling.


- Using the try...except clause.



Introduction to Python:


- Introduction to programming.


- Programming environments and Python installation.


- Basics of Python syntax.


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The "Product Manager IT" course is designed for individuals who want to learn Python programming or enhance their programming skills in this language.


This course is suitable for:


⟩ Beginner programmers: Individuals who are just starting their programming journey and want to learn Python as their first programming language.


⟩ Programmers in other languages: Programmers working in other languages who want to expand their skills to include Python.


⟩ Computer science student groups: Students and pupils who want to acquire a solid foundation in Python programming.