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We invite you to enroll in our "Human Resource Management" course, which will help you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for effective personnel management and may open doors to diverse and rewarding careers in the field of HR.

After completing this course, you will be ready to work in various sectors and workplaces, including:


▶︎ Recruitment Specialist: Responsible for recruiting and selecting employees.


▶︎ Training and Development Specialist: Involved in the professional development of employees.


▶︎ HR Team Leader: Oversees the human resources department in a company.


▶︎ Performance Management Advisor: Monitors and evaluates employee performance.


▶︎ HR Consultant: Provides consulting services in human resource management.


▶︎ Entrepreneur: Establishes their own consulting business in the field of HR.

Where can you work after completing the course?

Module 3:


Onboarding and new employee adaptation:


- The process of adapting new employees.


- Creating onboarding plans.


- Tracking progress in professional development.

Module 2:


Recruitment and talent acquisition:


- The recruitment and selection process.


- Sources for candidate acquisition.


-Techniques for conducting job interviews.

Module 6:


Salary policy and benefits:


- Salary strategies.


- Salary and bonus systems.


- Employee benefits and perks.

Module 5:


Performance management and employee evaluation:


- Employee performance management.


- Conducting performance evaluations.


- Evaluation systems and feedback.

Module 9:


Ethics and diversity in HR:


- Ethical challenges in HR.


- Managing diversity and inclusion in the organization.

Module 8:


Conflict management and problem-solving:


- Recognizing and managing workplace conflicts.


- Techniques for resolving team problems.

Module 7:


Motivation and employee engagement:


- Motivation theories and their application.


- Creating conditions for increased engagement.


Module 4:


Personnel development and training:


- Planning employee training and development.


- Creating development programs.


- Tracking progress in professional development.

Module 1:


Introduction to Human Resource Management:


- The role and significance of the HR department.


- Legal and ethical guidelines in HR..


- Trends and challenges in personnel management.


Who is this course for?

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The "Human Resource Management" course is suitable for various professional groups, both for those who are just starting their careers and for experienced employees who want to expand their knowledge and skills in personnel management.


This course is suitable for:


⟩ HR department employees: Individuals working or planning to work in the human resources department who want to gain knowledge and skills in effective personnel management.


⟩ Management-level employees: Managers and executives who want to enhance their skills in people management.


⟩ Entrepreneurs: Small business owners who want to better manage their personnel.